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Light-Duty vs. Heavy-Duty Tow Trucks: What’s the Difference?

When a driver is stuck on the side of the road because of an accident or car trouble, calling a tow truck is probably the first thing they’ll do. However, not every tow truck serves the same purpose. For each vehicle, towing companies have to choose between a light-duty or heavy-duty truck to make sure…

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How to Choose a Tow Company

During times of vehicular distress, finding a match for your towing needs can be a challenge. The following tips can help you get the help you need. There are few life occurrences more surprising and taxing than car breakdowns or accidents. Being stranded is a stressful experience and is even more so if you have…

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How to Stay Safe During an Interstate Breakdown

Many drivers have been there: they’re cruising along the interstate, singing along to their favorite songs, excited to reach their destination, when suddenly, the vehicle loses power and starts to decelerate. Breaking down is scary, but it’s no time to panic: the driver’s actions in the moments following a breakdown are crucial for roadside safety.…

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