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Why It’s Better to Get a Jumpstart From a Tow Company Than a Stranger

Most drivers know the dreaded feeling when a car just won’t seem to start. In a moment of panic, it may be tempting to ask the first passerby to help jumpstart the car. Unfortunately, this could lead to further damage to the car if not executed correctly. Here’s why it’s better to call a tow company to jumpstart a dead battery.

Safety First
Car batteries always seem to go out at the most inconvenient times and can leave the driver feeling stranded. While it may seem like no big deal to trust the good samaritan offering to help, it could lead to unintended consequences. Even if the stranger seems knowledgeable about cars, they are not a trained mechanic and could end up causing damage to both vehicles. If the battery posts are corroded or the battery is too old to handle a jump, this could cause the battery to explode, exposing everyone nearby to the risk of injury. Additionally, those old jumper cables in the trunk could pose more risk if they are worn out or ineffective.

Trust the Professionals
Instead of trying to flag down a stranger for help, a tow company can provide fast and effective services. Tow truck drivers are trained to offer safe roadside assistance. After all, that’s what they spend their whole day doing! For anyone driving a car built after 2000, the tow driver will know how to take extra precautions not to damage the car’s complex electronic system when they perform the jumpstart. This includes expensive features like GPS navigation, cameras, entertainment systems, and airbags. Additionally, the tow company can assess if other issues may be causing the dead battery and get the car safely to an auto shop before more damage is done.

When it comes to jumping a dead battery, you can count on Troyz Towing & Storage. We serve all of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas with 24/7 roadside assistance. Our expert towing service can help keep you and your car safe when the unexpected happens. Call us anytime at 904-712-1804 to get fast assistance.

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