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How to Stay Safe During an Interstate Breakdown

Many drivers have been there: they’re cruising along the interstate, singing along to their favorite songs, excited to reach their destination, when suddenly, the vehicle loses power and starts to decelerate. Breaking down is scary, but it’s no time to panic: the driver’s actions in the moments following a breakdown are crucial for roadside safety.

Pulling Over Safely
As soon as there’s a problem, drivers should turn on their hazard lights and make their way to the right shoulder. It’s sometimes possible to pull to the left shoulder, but this puts disabled cars closer to speeding vehicles in the passing lane. Instead, drivers should navigate the vehicle to the right shoulder, as far from the road as possible.

Exiting the Vehicle
Once safely to the side of the road, drivers and passengers should only exit the vehicle if it’s necessary. It’s best to wait inside the car for assistance from highway patrol or a towing service to avoid facing more danger. If exiting is necessary, both driver and passengers should exit from the passenger door to stay away from approaching traffic. Never stand behind it or directly next to the vehicle!

If the driver feels it necessary to exit, he or she should raise the hood of the vehicle to alert highway patrol that assistance is needed. If the vehicle contains an emergency safety kit—and every vehicle should!—the driver should place reflective triangles behind the vehicle to warn approaching drivers of the hazard, but only if it’s safe to do so. Even with emergency lights shining, drivers flying down the interstate at 75 miles per hour aren’t always paying close attention to road hazards.

Patience Is Paramount

While no one likes waiting with a broken down vehicle, having patience is vital. Drivers create increased hazardous conditions when they attempt to fix the vehicle on the side of the road. The safest option is to wait for highway patrol or a professional towing service for a jump-start, tire change, or transport to the mechanic. Waiting is stressful and frightening, but when you call Troyz Towing & Storage, we’ll come to your aid as quickly as possible to help you get moving again. Jacksonville drivers have counted on us for roadside assistance for more than 20 years. Call Troyz Towing & Storage today at 904-378-0006 for emergency towing and 24/7 roadside assistance!

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